Monday, December 18

Protecting Your Children Online

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Children are often led to porn sites because of the following things :

– Simple searches that they enter
– Misleading URLs
– Innocent word searches
– Misuse of brand names
– Emails that are not solicitated
– How can pornographic sites effect your child and they way that he or she develops?

Exposure to pornography changes values and attitudes of children.

Becoming addicted to sites like this can actually cause problems with a child’s identity.

Identity and development can be altered and harmed if these sites are viewed on a regular basis and an addiction occurs.

What can you do to help your child with this situation and to keep it from happening. You could tell your child that he or she can not use the internet. You may want to invest in a program that will block pornography. Yes, porn blocker software can help to some degree and it is a good start for anyone.

How does the software work to protect your child from the harmful effects of pornography?

You will even get an email update that will tell you where you child had been and the parents will find it in their email each week so that they can keep a close eye on their child.

The software will keep track of all content accessed by your child.

With this tool, you are rest assured that your child’s visits to web pages are limited because the tool verifies each web access request.

Parents that buy this software know that their children are safe when they are using the internet because of the reports they get.

It is hard to help a child learn right from wrong when they are facing so many influences. Parents must always keep the channel of communication open, making children aware of the consequences of their actions


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