Famous People Who Were Born on February 23Rd in History

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Aziz Ansari- (1983- ) comic on Parks and Recreation-Columbia, SC

Fred Biletnikoff- (1945- ) Raiders WR Hall of Famer-Erie, PA

Emily Blunt- (1983- ) English actress who starred in The Devil Wears Prada-England

Tom Bodett- (1955- ) radio personality- ‘We’ll Leave the Lights on For You’-Sturgis, MI

Bobby Bonilla- (1963- ) former MLB right-fielder played for nine MLB teams including Pittsburgh Pirates and NY Mets-Bronx, NY

Sylvia Chase- (1938- ) co-anchor for 20/20-Northfield, MN

Kristin Davis- (1965- ) Charlotte on Sex and the City-Boulder, CO

Michael Dell- (1965- ) founder of Dell Computers-Houston, TX

Dakota Fanning- (1994- ) famous young actress who plays in many movies-Conyers, GA

Peter Fonda- (1940- ) famous American actor who took acid with John Lennon-New York City

Howard Jones- (1955- ) singer/songwriter ‘Like to get to know you well’-England

Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones- (1951- ) former Dallas Cowboy Defensive End with 106 sacks-Jackson, TN

Diana Kovalchuck- (1982- ) Ukraniun Supermodel-Ukraine

Kelly Macdonald- (1986- ) Scottish actress who played in many films-Scotland

Niecy Nash- (1970- ) television actress on ‘Reno 911!’-Palmdale, CA

Patricia Richardson- (1951- ) wife on Home Improvement-Bethesda, MD

John Sanford- (1944- ) author who writes book on Native American Culture-Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Flip Saunders- (1955- ) NBA head coach of the Washington, Wizards-Cleveland, OH

Virginia Thomas- (1957- ) lobbyist and wife of Clarence Thomas-Omaha, NE

Chris Vrenna- (1967- ) Drummer of Nine Inch Nails-Erie, PA

Veronica Webb – (1965- ) model and spokeswoman for Revlon-Detroit, MI

John Winter- (1944- ) blues guitarist who was featured on the cover of the first edition of ‘Guitar World’-Texas

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