Earn More Than Thousand Dollars in a Month Through Online Revenue Sharing

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Finding legitimate work from home is no longer a problem. Sure there are some scams, but it is possible to weed these out and concentrate on stuff that really allows you to make an income online.

During the time of financial difficulty making money online is a very appealing business. If you really want to generate good amount through online blogging and telecommuting, you need some initial hard work which pays you off for the rest of the life (till that website or blog works).

It takes time for the pages you create to become recognized in the search engines and to begin to attract the visitors. Over the period of time, your work would attract more visitors and earn you more money from the ads displayed on that pages.

Keep in mind that there is no “easy” way to earn money. So patience is also another pre-requisite. Keep writing new and give some innovative ideas. So you will soon get the rewards. Over the period of time, you will find that your income from this business is gradually increasing.

Below are some websites which are best earning money:

  1. hubpages                (100% Adsense Share)
  2. Factoidz                  (Among the best for revenue generation) pay through Paypal, Cash
  3. Best Reviewer        (100% Adsense share)
  4. SquidStop               (100% Adsense share)
  5. Info Barrel               (75% Adsense/Chitika share) (Article / How-to)
  6. Bukisa                     (60% Adsense share) (Article / How-to)
  7. You say Too            (50% Adsense Share)(Blogging)
  8. Tip Drop                  (75% Ads share)
  9. Webanswers          (60% Adsense share) (Questions/Answers) (Some of the “Brains” are earning $1000 a month from the same website only.)
  10. cOOtopia                 (50% Adsense share) (Question/Answer)
  11. Triond                      (50% Share via PayPal, check or Western Union)
  12. Xomba                     (50% Adsense share) (Article)
  13. Blogger Party         (50% Adsense share)
  14. BlogEvolve             (50% Adsense share)
  15. About.com     (offer Contributing Writers in their first year a guaranteed minimum monthly payment of $500. After one year, the guaranteed minimum monthly payment will be $250)
  16. Senserely Yours   (80% Adsense share)
  17. DocStoc                 (50% Adsense share) Share your documents
  18. ODesk                    (oDesk is a global service marketplace for small and medium sized business to hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams. )
  19. Elance             (Outsource to expert programmers, designers, coders, writers, developers, translators, marketers, researchers and admin contractors with tested skills.)
  20. iFreelance       (From artists and graphic designers to programmers and writers, 1000’s of freelancers use iFreelance.com daily to find freelance jobs.)
  21. Conduit

Home Improvement 

  • eFloor Plan – Home Improvement – 60%


  • Private Rights Forum – Private label rights for audio and video – Unknown

IT and Tech-related

  • Tech Support Humor – Tech support humor site – 100%
  • SpiceFuse  General computer forum – 75%
  • Scratch  Write Programming Tutorials – 50%
  • Kernel Trap  Kernel development and news – 80%
  • Technology Parent  Info for parents about technology – 50%

Video and Photo

  • Flixya – Share videos, photos, and blogs – 100%
  • Stockvault.net – Photo directory for aspiring photographers – 100%
  • TubeImage.com – Free image hosting – 100%
  • Free Range Stock – Stock photo directory – 80%
  • Howcast – Video sharing – 50%
  • Rever – Video sharing – 50%

There are plenty more and many different types of sites:

  • Constant-Content.com
  • associatedcontent.com
  • freelancewritinggigs.com
  • cicadamag.com

Some of websites share only for US Residents, which are:

  • DemandStudios.com (for USA only)
  • TextBroker.com (for USA only)
  • Helium.com (for USA only)

Choosing website is very important because of one’s interest(s) and percentage of revenue sharing. So let’s start ….


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