Earthquakes- Planetary Destruction

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How do Earthquakes form and why?

Earthquakes are formed when the Earths tectonic plates slowly rub together causing friction or a shift. They can occur at any time and anywhere In the world. Usually they will occur along the plate boundaries. We measure their magnitudes using what Is known as the Richter scale.

Our Earths plates are In constant movement and In any one place there can be hundreds If not thousands of very minute tremors taking place throughout the year. These small tremors are measured by seismic equipment, however most are not particularly threatening to us and generally go unnoticed.

Undersea plates are also causing problems. They can cause massive Tsunamis like the Boxing Day incident of 2004 In the Indian Ocean. This super quake created a Tsunami which killed over 230,000 people. The destruction covered parts of Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia, Thailand and India.

The more recent Earthquakes In Haiti and New Zealand are just a few of the many more high magnitude Earthquakes that can be expected In the coming years. The trouble Is that these types of events are becoming more and more common, and as the years go by they are becoming more destructive.

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