How To Restore Data From A Crashed Hard Drive

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Your computer drive could break any time and lose all the information. The hard drive is a device that stores information in a computer which means that recovering information from a faulty drive is important. To accomplish this, you should do a data recovery process using recovery programs or freezing.

Hard drive file recovery is the method of repossessing information from a corrupt or damaged hard drive. This is where your computer lacks access to the drive and should be rectified using special tools. You find that there are several ways that a drive can be damaged.

First we have the physical hard drive damage which happens when the drive suffers a malfunction. This is determined by some clicking, clunking or grinding sound that the drive makes. In this case, chances are that the information can still be accessed.

Another way is through a logical drive crash. This is normally caused by virus infections, software malfunction or human error. In this case the disk is totally healthy but unable to boot into the current operating system. It is also possible to recover lost data in this case.

To retrieve data from a crashed drive, one should download file recovery software and install it in the computer. In order to get hold of the most appropriate data recovery programs, a person should do a search on the web. It is also important to look for the best programs in the market to receive total percentage of file recovery. When shopping for the appropriate program, it is good to reflect on different websites. This will help locate the best software there is in the market today.

The next step is to connect the damaged disk to another system. One should ascertain that the computer can detect the drive. This is followed by a run of the software in the computer and selecting the damaged drive partitions which is then run to scan. This software helps in scanning the entire drive and to salvage as much data as possible. In most case the software recovers the all the information stored in the drive.

Another way of recovering lost information from a crashed drive is by freezing the drive. Here the device is put in a plastic paper and paced inside the freezer for crystals to form. The drive is then placed back in the computer and some dry ice kept near to keep it cool for a longer period. When it functions, one is advised to transfer all the information into an external drive or USB device. The drive can damage at any time thus a back up is a good option. One can then format the hard drive after retrieving the data.


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