Understanding Computer/mobile Phone Disc Space And File Size

A little extra information to add to your understanding when you look at that disc space app on your phone or the properties in Windows.

Before I begin I should say that this method wont stand up to a slide rule in computer science terms but it is close enough for us everyday average users.

Although on their way out (if not already gone) floppy discs are a good place to start, the average size of a floppy being 1.44 MB (Megabytes). The number I would like you to remember here is 1024. Counting upwards:

1024 kilobytes (1024kb) is equal to 1MB
so if you have a 512k file on a floppy you can think of it as being half full.
512kb + 512kb = 1024kb = 1MB

there is a little more room available (the .44) but for the purposes of keeping up with today’s Megabytes, Gigabytes and now Terabytes it will do for most of us, it also leaves a little margin for error. So it follows then that:

1024 GB = 1TeraByte (TB)

You can of course also apply this to Ram memory size. It is amazing to think of the progress made in a relatively short time as I type the draft of this article on an old Pentium 1 Notebook with 2GB hard disc and 40 MB of Ram.

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