Shreenathji – A Five-Foot Stone Came to Life

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Shreenathji is the deity form of Lord Krishna. His full name is Shri Govardhan Nathji. Krishna appeared as Shreenathji on a five-foot stone on the Govardhan hill in 1479. He came to life for his devotees.

In truth, the only way that could make his worship understandable then the Darshan understood as well. Darshan is a part of the process of devotion, which experienced in the heart. What more, it is spoken in three various ways. These are the celestial voice, dreams, or reality.

Shreenathji’s experienced eightfold. When awakened, he is seen adorned in a young boy-cow form and offered lunch. During the afternoons, people called for Darshan of Uttaphan and offered fruit. He returns to the forest at sadhya Arti to prepare for the evening play or lilas.

What more, the liberation and devotion given towards entrance to Shreenathji’s realm is evident. Shreenathji appears when the light is set aflame with devotion. The flame engulfs the heart and clears the path towards enlightenment. This flame overflows outward into the world.

Pure love will allow one to come close to god. This will also result in unconditional love from Shreenathji. There is one thing that makes worshiping Shreenathji unique. It evolves from the inner experience and then manifested into a world revered. It is in this state of mind and heart wherein Shreenathji adorned.

When Shreenathji is lawful, he controls the soul. However, when he is filled with joy and grace, you can see him dominated by the flame of devotion from his devotees. Shreenathji is a god that prefers to be adorned naturally. Gods normally reside on high plains. On the other hand, he is a young boy-cow who runs back towards the temple once he hears the conch call. Standing before him will leave you in awe. Gazing upon him will leave a devotee entranced in his blinding beauty.

Shreenathji calls Nathdwara home. Nathdwara is located near Udaipur in Rajasthan. The sacred town built around him. It is unlike any town. It is an extraordinary place of worship. Shreenathji himself lives in this temple in his live form. Merely the offering of prayers or the joining of hands does not experience Darshan. Since the experience is like no other.

When Shreenathji’s court held, and everyone gather paying his or her respects. Offerings accepted in any form. Shreenathji is among us and grants the highest form of joy and elation. This only happens when set aside our reservations and submit to complete and pure devotion towards Shreenathji.

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