Tuesday, December 12

The Writer's New Best Friend: Blogging

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There are different people that have different personality and character. Some of them are expressive and they are not afraid to write what they want to write on a blog. They write it on a blog as their personal diary. All people are expressive but in a different way. There are people who are introvert tend to write and express their feelings by writing on a blog. The other side, there are people who are extrovert that does not want to write anything especially if it is personal, but not all the time. In other words, those people who are concern primarily with their own thoughts, shy, idealist and that are somewhat reserve are the ones who does the writing all the time on a blog. They would stay for how many hours in front of the computer while writing. Blogging is their best friend when it comes to sharing their own personal experiences.

Blogging is not just for people who love writing but because of the trend we have in technology, as a business, blogging is used. People write about the product or write an informative article to communicate people in other parts of the world by using internet protocol, but it is not easy to earn money from that business. It required time, patience and most of all, enjoying of what they are doing. It is not also easy to earn because it required SEO to prioritize the original article from other article. There are lots of competitive article that used as a blog as a form of business. This is worth for those people who want to work at home.

The advantage of working as a blogger is they would stay at home, write what they want to write through their personal experiences. They can do the blogging anywhere they like. They can work as a part time or full time. They could do the job where WI-FI is available by bringing their own computer laptop at Robinson galleria or megamall. These people who love blogging and then, decided to make it as a living are mostly very task-oriented. They focus of what they are doing such as writing a blog and working to a place where they could concentrate to what they are writing. Sometimes, they do not care about the money; they care about writing because they love writing. It is also a big advantage to those people who are disabled because they can still have a normal life by earning an extra income from blogging.

Blogging is used all over the world from the ordinary person who loves writing at home to the person who studied techniques in internet marketing, spending too much money from e-book and reading courses online. It is another way to spread a word through blogging whether informative, advertisement, or personal experiences to other parts of the world. People confess their own feelings and emotion by writing on a blog and share it to other people to the other parts of the country. Required knowledge is also needed in blogging if they are serious in taking it as their source of income. God gave each people knowledge to share and to use it although; not all people have the knowledge in SEO. They acquired different knowledge from the internet and some are not into blogging. Just like five melons that are bought in the market. The same fruit but they have different sizes. 


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