List of Popular Educational Softwares

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Educational software are programs in a computer whose primary objective is to teach people. These software started sprouting in the year 1940s wherein the computer educational software was used to teach people on how to fly an aircraft during the World War II.

You can purchase an Educational software from bookstores and online shops. But if you are tight in the budget, the best option is to do some research on the web. The web offers thousands of free educational software that works equally as the ones you pay for.

As a student, in order to excel in your studies, you must not stop on what you are getting from school. There are other educational softwares to download online to help you cope with a difficult subject or learn a new skill. Just make sure that what you are downloading is legal and virus free. Remember most of the programs you get online especially if it’s free contains virus like worms, Trojan and other dangerous virus that can destroy your computer.

Here are some educational software that is most downloaded by users:

– Word web : This is used like a dictionary. You can look up the word and its meaning, synonyms and antonyms.
– Athan (Azan) Basic : This is a program applicable to Muslims. The program will alarm you if it’s time to pray.
– Google Earth : This contains information about the geographical aspects of the earth.
– Rapid Typing Tutor : This application will teach you the right fingers to use in typing are. It will help you learn techniques on how to type faster with minimal errors. This will also help you understand how the keyboard functions.
– Typing Master Typing Test : this program will help you see how well are you doing in typing.
– Ela Salaty : this program is similar to Athan (Azan) Basic. It will alarm the person if it’s time for prayer.
– Mecanet : this is a program that will help your typing skill boost faster.
– Viper the Anti plagiarism Scanner : a program that you can use to detect if your site or any file was corrupted by plagiarism.
– I Doser : This program is said to help synchronize your brain to set yourself to a good mood.
– Google maps with GPS Tracker : This is what moms and dads download often. You can use this application to help you reach the place your are not familiar with. It will show you the right route to take and will let you know the exact location of your car. You can download this to your tablet PC or smart phone to access it easily during travel.

There you go. These are some of the educational software most used by people from different parts of the world. We hope we were able to give you a bit of information as to what the program is and see for yourself if this is something that you are looking for or something that you need.


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