Friday, December 15

Real Human Robot in Human Society

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In the society, majority of the people are not satisfied of what they have. They are not satisfied when it comes to physical and emotion. That is why there is lots of chaos here on earth. They fail to understand each people they encounter. They disagree to each other. As a result, people find a way to make them satisfied and happy. That is where robot that looks like a real human began.

Robot that looks like a real human is called humanoids. They act like human but they do not eat. Their skin is made of silicon. They can talk and response of what a person tells them to do. Still, they are not perfect as human. This shows that no one here on earth can create as perfect as God has created people. They only created those machines to help them in any kinds of work or for only entertainment purposes.

Humanoids are a big help to the society and for those people who can only afford it. They help people in any kinds of situation. In Japan, robots are very useful but there is a possibility that might loose the job of a hundred people. Most people do not agree that robots are better than human. They still prefer people that created by God and not a robot created by human. They believe that if they would all relying on robots, it might end the human civilization.

Humanoids that are not perfect as human, serve also as entertainment purposes. Some people treat humanoids like a real human which majority of the people thought that it was ridiculous. Male bought female humanoids and think of it as their partner, wife, or companionship to make them satisfied. To have an ideal partner, they tend to buy humanoids even it is worth a million dollars. It is like humanoids in anime where a boy and a girl fall in love and humanoids turn into a real human. It is a need to those people who are not satisfied.

Japan created humanoids first in anime to portray of what will happen to the future. They see it in anime as a big necessity in the human society. Most people in Japan invented this machine to make it as a reality from humanoids that are seen on animation. Those humanoids that are created by human are not perfect as what people expected in animation. They may have advantages and disadvantages. However, we are in the modern technology this coming year, man that created robot will never be as perfect as what God has created to each all of us.


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