Benefits of Chitika Ads

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It is very easy to add Chitika affiliate banner to your blog and earn extra money.
Chitika is 100 percent compatible with Google Adsense and is also free to join. It is a pay per click advertising program and can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense.
Chitika and Google Adsense together form part of your blog monetization strategy.
It is an easy way to make money from blogger blog and Chitika can yield good earnings depending on your traffic source and topic. Chitika has ads for all types of products including finance, health, news, sports, travel, automotive to name a few.
Chitika offers ads in variety of sizes, but recently it has introduced mega ad unit 550 x 250, which has a higher CTR than their other premium units.

By adding Chitika banner to your blog, you can increase your earning power, and for every referral you make, you will earn 10% of what your referrals earn. You will earn commission for each referral for 15 months.
Chitika is a company, that delivers search targeted ads and whenever a user clicks into your site via search engine, that user will be delivered ad block based on the keywords used to find your website. It means the ads are only visible when the site is entered from a search engine and if you go directly to the site, you will not find any ads of Chitika.  This process has been a source of frustration for publishers as the actual monthly income ends up being less than what your stats showed.  This is the reason why Chitika has not gained much popularity as the ads they have given are poorly targeted and generate very little revenue, but their premium search targeted ads are working well.
But if you have a lot of incoming traffic from search engines, Chitika works best and if you have a product oriented website where people come looking for a particular kind of product and also by referring people, you can earn well.
Chitika ads are not favourite of most people out here these days, if you want a decent income coming from Chiitika then you should know where to place your ads.
Chitika premium ads are suitable for blogger blogs that already have Google Adsense unit. For best result, your blog needs to receive significant amount of traffic from US and Canada to make it worthwhile. The high the number of traffic received from US, the greater the number of Chitika ads that will be served on your blog.
Chitika waorks only when you have two or less than 2 Google Adsense ad unit operating at any one time. It is better to set up an alternate URL for a linked ad unit.


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