Cashgopher From Mylot is a Disgusting Junkware!

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Every email that Mylot sends to me contains this so-called special invitation: “Special Invitation from Mylot! Make Money with CashGopher, myLot’s latest creation. Click here to learn more and turbo-charge your earnings!”

The FAQs of the CashGopher site says the following: “While your computer is otherwise idle, CashGopher will at times perform various online “chores” and send the results of those chores back to the “Mother Gopher”, if you will.”

I joined CashGopher and installed the software or better be called junkware last month and after the disappointing results of one month with the concerns over computer issues hanging decided to uninstall it to never install it again. Its results are disgusting. First of the entire thing that it says it will perform online chores in computer idle time is totally false and a damn lie! It doesn’t consume much of RAM, but it consumes Bandwidth and makes Internet connection a lot slower.

I don’t know about the security thing and is not totally sure about the data it sends but there is no doubt that this is a suspected spyware. Therefore whether it is a spyware or not needs to be studied thoroughly in neutral competent labs where the makers of this crap won’t be able to manipulate the results. Many people has complained in several forums and discussions that this piece of crap has infected their computers with viruses and done lot of damage, so this thing needs to be tested for suspected malware as well. After installing this crap the computer of most people including myself started to behave in odd ways. Multiple Windows opening up from nowhere, annoying pop-ups making it difficult to browse and even the window freezes at times. I had tried to stop the pop-ups using the pop-up blocker or even by disabling its toolbar extension in Internet Explorer but those didn’t work. So all in all it is putting the computer in great danger since most of us are very much unsure about the wicked plans of the people who has made this junk in the first place.

For all the botheration and the dangers mentioned above it paid me a disgusting 7 cents in one month. I know of people who have been paid even one or two cents. Even without any referral that sort of filthy amounts are totally unacceptable. If I’d been told earlier that you’d get this much then I’d have discarded it then and there.

The main thing is what they say is that you get paid for doing nothing. Firstly, it is not that I’m doing nothing based on what I said earlier. Secondly, even if I’d done nothing it doesn’t give the audacity to anybody to give a sick amount like that. I’d rather give up on Internet increase time on other things than accepting such shameful amounts. It reminds of many sick PTC sites.

Sadly there are many people on Internet that doesn’t have any respect whatsoever what goes in to maintain a computer and internet connection, including electricity and other things. Disgusting Payments are a Disease on Internet. We all need to send such schemes and offers and sites to the trash as there are certainly better options than wasting time and effort like that.

I’d like to add that I’d problems in uninstalling it also as it showed error while using the Windows uninstaller and then had to use a ASC forced uninstallation to uninstall it and then clean the temporary files and registry to get rid of the pesky thing!

I made a post in Mylot regarding this junkware and its pittance pay and they deleted my post stating flimsy reasons, which establishes the fact that they doesn’t have the honesty or courage to hear the truth as it is about a crapware from them and with which they had decided to fool people and make money themselves out of the advertisers paychecks. I’d interacted with many people and most of them said that they used this junkware as it was from Mylot. It feels sick in the stomach to know that people use their built reputation to harm the interests of those who helped in building that reputation in the first place.

I’d told them I’ll make my word heard about this piece of crap and there is nothing in Internet that can take away that ‘Freedom of Speech’ and sites like Bukisa are here to support that Freedom.

This is not only my bitter experience but many people had ruined computers along with nothing payment, so if anyone still has aspirations left for this crapware then use it at your own peril!


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