Psd to Magento- The Oppurtunity

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Magento is now one of the best e-commerce platform available , and with e-commerce overtaking traditional models , Magento has now become the most sought web building platform in the world . The advantage of Magento as the better CMS (content management system ) than any other CMS  available has boosted the prominence of Magento as the most  comprehensive website building platform available to webmasters . Though the increase in usage of Magento is most visible in shopping cart based sites, it is now the most  preferred and most recommended platform to build any sort of websites that needs solid CMS

Currently there are a lot of E-commerce platforms available in the markets such as X cart , Cube cart ,Foxy cart etc , but unlike other opensource  platforms, Magento is based PHP and Zend framework a combination that has won incredible response from web developers all around the world  . So it is clear without any doubt that if its is an E-commerce based website that you are planning , magento is something that you should definitely give a thought . But this article is more about the veiled opportunity that Magento customization offers web designers

By now most web designers  would either be flooded with incredible number of proposals for custom Magento designs or would be aware of this great opportunity. But unlike other opensource platforms , design integration on Magento needs higher technical knowledge or hands-on experience , trying to integrate a custom design on Magento framework without enough knowledge and experience wouldn’t be a great experience to cherish.

Unlike other open-source platforms Magento is based on PHP and Zend framework , and it requires expert knowledge in of PHP with Object Oriented Programming language like C or C++ , and moreover if you are good at PHP you would still be at loss since Magento  also has MVC framework. If you are the webmaster ,the best option for you would be hire an expert Magento developer , but if you are a designer who has just got an design project that needs to be implemented on Magento framework , you need not pass off the PSD to Magento project just because you don’t know how work on magento

That is where PSD to Magento conversion companies come handy. You just need to complete your beautiful design and send across the PSD file to any such companies , and the rest would be taken care off , they would complete  the PSD Conversion XHTML coding and get it integrated on the Magento platform , and what’s more the usual turn around time that most companies offer is just 24-48 hours . So now you can take over any web-designing  projects without concerning yourself about the coding , integration and other technical aspects of it – Good Luck with your next Magento project


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