Gary Blonder

Gary Blonder is one of the world’s foremost yacht owners and has owned, operated, and chartered a succession of world class mega yachts.  He has also been involved in the design, construction, and development of many of yachting’s milestones.

Is your favorite vacation one spent on water?   Maybe you have always dreamed of a vacation at sea.  Yachts are considered to be leisure boats and the very best way to experience the vacation of your dreams is through hiring a yacht charter.

Never heard of a yacht charter?  Yacht charters are a type of sailing accommodation that allows for the hire a particular water vessel, for instance a yacht, for a sailing vacation or for special events and meetings. There are lots of different kinds of yacht charters eligible for your hiring purposes.  The kind that is necessary is greatly dependent on what your needs and requirements are.

Yacht charters are great for just a family holiday, a party with some friends or business meetings or events.  In general, yacht charters are hired for travelling, special occasions, meetings or corporate purposes.

Your destinations could vary from various local coastal areas to exotic foreign destinations.  

Gary Blonder is responsible for creating the Yacht Charter Group, one of those yacht charter hire companies.  

Yacht Charter Group has vessels on many oceans of the world and their fleet of yachts are better described as Floating 5 Star Hotels. Yacht Charter Group has created some of the finest and most successful yachts worldwide and with onboard gourmet chefs and world class crews they aim to fulfill your every fantasy.  Also, Yacht Charter Group provides an exceptional concierge service and attention to detail that will ensure the absolute success of your yacht charter, wedding or other special event.

Let’s say that you desire to to make the most of these yacht charters, what would your options be? Firstly, it is advisable to decide what sort of activity you wish to undertake on your holiday. This is because there are many yachts that you would be able to use for various activities determined by what you would choose to do. Second, you must make sure of the estimated budget. Thirdly, you should consider when you will require this charter and for how long.  Lastly, contact the team at Yacht Charter Group and let them help you achieve the vacation or event of your dreams.

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