Pleasant Rap Presence-Jay Electronica!

Spark in the name – Jay Electronica

It’s here in Baltimore where the rapping effect started to develop and from Timothy Elpadaro Thedford emerged Jay Electronica. The buzz he created unusually set him raise the standard he’s attained and his inspirations are the famous Ghostface Killah, Mos Def and of course D only Nas.

Work in progress to climb the Rap ladder

This native American artist was most spoken about rappers in 2008 due to much hype and buzz oriented “Act 1,” a simple epic rap with Jon Brion musical score for Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge). His genres are in Hip Hop style and his unusual kind is very authentic which is making Jay-E work harder towards present state of music which has lead him to Act -II sequel. His humming tracks make impossible seem workable and narrate exclusive tale about the rapper.

In less time only he has established his feet very firmly in arena and draws comparisons with Queens Rapper Nas, Eminem and many more. Jay Electronica best brings music rap alive with musical hip hop flow of rhymes with strong back traps is making foot thumping.

Many have praised him for his innovation opening in public via web and word of mouth publicity without single official release to his credit bag. Jay has also won Sucker free summit award for timeless music piece apart from men in field and spectators by his outstanding skills in rapping which leaves people mesmerized.

Exhibit C opened him to audiences with much rage as music was completely conventional piece and perfect kind rap.

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