Thursday, December 14

Free Tax Refund Calculator And Certified Public Accountant

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Rama Tax Services is a Accountant firm that is dedicated to providing our clients with top notch quality service. We are committed to a quick response time that will deliver complete and accurate tax returns for an affordable price. The firm only hires people that are qualified Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s). We take pride in what we do! 

Did you know that thousands of United States citizens living abroad are eligible for refunds of thousands of dollars per year by filing United States tax returns!

Very often U.S. citizens living abroad that earn wages and have children can receive up to $1,000 per child. In addition they can receive hundreds of additional dollars by simply filing a form return! 

How much would you receive if you filed a tax return? Please visit us to calculate with TAX REFUND CALCULATOR with CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.

If you are interested in understanding how U.S. Citizens are eligible for such large refunds, please read the visit us more details.

Rama Tax Services has a quick and easy way of preparing tax returns for people just like you. In just three easy steps you can have a tax return prepared by a professional and experienced tax firm requesting the tax refund that you are 100% eligible for! 

Generally, our fee is a flat $200 (not including E-filing) for each separate tax return filed. If the return is a complicated, the fee will be increased accordingly. You will be notified as soon as possible if your situation requires such an adjustment. The fee is only paid once the certified public accountant return is completely prepared and ready to be sent to you.


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