Black Ops Ascension Cheat

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 Black Ops the Acsension Strategy

To get more points simply Follow this pistol and Knife Combinations

Black Ops the Acsension Strategy

Round 1 – The way to maximize your points as much as posible. The pistol and knife combination 6x times in round 1 and 8x time.

Round 2 followed up by a knife. Also crucial to let them in the map and insure you get a penetration shot in each will hit all the zombies in that line to maximize your points per shot. When you finished you can build the walls to increase your revenue.

ROund 3. you should be looking to buy the M14 riffle. this will also help you the reability of the strong gun.

If the war should come later on do the 2 hit in knife combo with 1 more shot require for its round.

when you reach 5000 points it is time to open your first door.

As you get to the door go to power room turn on the power. once the zombie appear used your M14 and knife combination to get money as you can to get sickle. the Sickle cost 3000 in round 5

Once you got sickle you can use that in round 9 to maximize your points and it is a hit kill in the round 10.

Once you got all the money in the bag you can go to all the launch room and launch the nuke. Make sure in this time period you also need to buy the jUgger Nog.

Round 9 to 10. the monkey should stop coming and typicall they arrive every 4 rounds.Remember – The monkey get stronger in every appearance they make.

Monkey Round – in the first monkey round you can kill the monkey using your sickle. Howerver in later rounds you will require much stronger weapon. Remember never allow the monkey to touch the free perks you wont get points to once monkey touch it.

Use the fire trap to your disposal.


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