Monday, December 18

Colorful And Inventive Brain Teasers For Kids

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If you are looking for brain teasers for kids in your family that can entertain as well as educate, but you’ve come up short so far, here are a few tips on where to look. You’ll find below some of the best interactive group puzzles, games and brain teasers for every child.

For online brainteasers for kids, try the A+ Math Game Room. This website features math games  with names like Matho and Hidden Picture, that will help kids find an interest in traditional math skills like addition and subtraction. There are puzzles galore here and children wrestle with math games and problems for different levels of comfort in math.

Another great website with brainteasers for kids is This website tries to exploit an interest in traditional sports that kids may have to help them learn math.  Their game of Math Baseball should be a big hit with kids who love their baseball. A child playing the game gets to score a run or to hit a ball by solving math problems correctly. Whatever area of arithmetic you child needs a little practice in, there are games to go with it at different levels of difficulty. For even more brainteasers for kids to help them learn their math skills, try Change Maker. Kids on this game can work out how much change they are owed in dimes and nickels for a purchase. This might not seem like much, but kids really struggle with it, and they really learn. And like the math baseball game above, kids  get to pick what level they work on.

But enough of online brainteasers for kids; let’s go off-line now. The appropriately named  Brain Teasers from the house of Houghton Mifflin’s offers kids graded word problems for ages 3 to 7 and up. They publish a new one each week, and you can go to their website every Thursday to download the latest. If all this seems a little too simple for what you had in mind, it could be an idea for you to you look up the game known as Most Colorful Math of All. This is a puzzle where children are asked to color countries in maps without coloring any two neighboring countries the same. If you’re wondering about how this doesn’t really sound like the math brainteaser or even a brainteaser at all this is a question that even mathematicians have some trouble with – using the fewest colors possible to color a map. Try your children, and it’s sure to get them enthusiastic right away.


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