Bipolar Disorder Symptoms And Types

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Bipolar disorder popularly known as BD is a disorder that is associated with moods. It is a depression that some people suffer from which takes a toll on their lifestyles. It is characterised by extreme mood swings which are either high or low. In this regard, these mood swings can make people feel like they own the world one minute and push them to extreme feelings of worthlessness the other minute. This makes people hard to understand due to their status of a ‘mixed state’. However, these people are able to lead normal lives when well and the differences occur when the disorder catches up with them.

Bipolar disorder symptoms include unpredictable mood swings which send people to two different worlds when they strike. These people become totally irritable when under the attack and they also exhibit euphoric symptoms. They may talk excessively and always seem deep in thought and at other times experience racing thoughts. Due to the extremity of this disorder on the high side, people may exhibit an inflated self esteem where they feel that they are on top of the world. They feel that nothing can stop them and no one can beat them. They become hyperactive and portray a much energised self.

Bipolar disorder symptoms also include a sense of recklessness when these people dive into their lowest. They tend to do things on impulse and this includes unplanned shopping sprees which are characterised by extravagance. They may at a point decide to travel and nothing stops them. Other people with this disorder tend to engage in promiscuous sex and careless driving. They may also engage in high risk businesses. Since this disorder has to sides to it, these people may also become totally depressed and feel worthless and helpless most of the time. They also suffer from a low self esteem and their energy levels take a nose dive.

Other bipolar disorder symptoms include poor concentration where their concentration span deteriorates. They always seem distant and unmoved by what is happening around them. In other cases, people with this disorder may feel suicidal and it is important to monitor them carefully. They also tend to loose interest in activities that they enjoyed. They may also become extremely lonely and guilty of things happening to them which lead to self blame. Their speech becomes slurred and they exhibit poor coordination when performing some activities.

Insomnia is another bipolar disorder symptom which is common with people suffering from this condition. These people may also put in more hours in their work though they do not manage to do anything significant as they get distracted easily. In other cases, these people speak too fast and may not heed calls to maintain silence. They also become restless and seem to move all their body parts. These movements include tapping the feet and pacing up and down. They tend to become more flamboyant in their dressing and their wardrobes change to more colourful clothing. In severe cases, these people may suffer from hallucinations and delusions. It is important to seek a medic’s attention once these symptoms are established to allow for treatment.


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