Monday, December 11

The Best Way to Learn French as a Child

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The younger a child, the better the brain is at absorbing languages in a way grown-ups never can. If you have been interested in trying German, Spanish or French for your child, the right age and the right method to pick can be a bit of a head-scratcher. There are some products on the market that completely accept the immersion method. Other products on the market try to use the translation method, where children learn a new language through words in their own language, ones that they understand. Generally speaking, experts believe in the translation method for older children. The immersion method has time and again been proven to be the best way to learn French for very young children.

If you have children, it’s difficult to miss the Teach Me series of musical language courses for little kids. As with any book in the Teach Me series, the Teach Me French CD-book set comes with plenty of attractive little ditties to help kids memorize small words and expressions – all-time favorites like Alouette really work up plenty of enthusiasm.  The best thing about this series is, that it offers graded lessons in each language. Once you’re done with the first book, you can go on to Teach Me More French and even a book called Teach Me Even More French. For the very young, this is undoubtedly the best way to learn French.

Once you begin to be on the lookout fpor products to teach your children French with, you begin to notice all these great products on the shelves that you never actually checked out before. Try Uni-Verse of Song: French, for instance, uses classic French ditties like Frères Jaques and Sur le pont d’Avignon for a simple start children who are real beginners. A voiceover cuts in in the middle of each song to help explain words that have been used.

Learn in your Car for kids: French has to be the best way to learn French through an audio aid. As children follow along with the kids recorded on the CD, they learn quite a bit. This one comes with a reusable activity book that helps kids read and write; the book comes laminated in plastic, and a set of erasable markers.

For young children up to the age of six, Bilingual Baby: French teaches basic French words and phrases  at exactly the right pace without ever seeming too slow or too quick. Children using this system quickly learn words in French for everyday objects, numbers, colors and so on. They also learn what to say in basic situations  – the hellos and the thank you’s. The set comes withDVDs that show a great uncluttered learning environment; and each word in a sentence is taken up one by one.


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