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Moms that are going to breast feed exclusively, and are not going to go back to work will always have fresh, warm milk for their babies. Any other mother, on the other hand, may need some help in that department from time to time. Even if your baby only gets a bottle once in a blue moon, you should think about getting a baby bottle warmer to quickly and safely warm milk when needed. These are easy to use, rather inexpensive, and are much safer than any microwave when milk, breast milk, or formula needs to be warmed before baby’s meal.

The baby bottle warmer is often only used for three to six months after baby is born. Many babies simply prefer cold or room temperature milk after a certain amount of time, but not all. Some babies want it warmed for longer. Most moms find a moment when they offer a cold bottle in a hurry, and baby readily accepts it, making life a bit easier all the way around. However, this is not something that happens early on, so a bottle warmer is often a must, at least for a little while. Forget the microwave, these are not safe for feeding a baby, as they leave hot spots that burn babies in the mouth.

In fact, microwaves are not safe for any reason, even if you are in a huge hurry to warm a bottle. This is where a good baby bottle warmer comes into play. These may not warm the milk up as fast as as a microwave, but they are much faster than putting the bottle into warm water to allow it to heat up slowly. Typically it takes a minute or two and the bottle has been warmed, depending on how cold the milk was to start and how much is in the bottle in question. These can also be used to warm baby food, so you may want to keep them around.

There are a few things you should know when you use a baby bottle warmer. If you use anything other than filtered water, you may have a build up in your warmer that can shorten its useful life. Wipe them out at least once a day. You may see a gray or brown substance that appears. If that happens, replace your bottle warmer with a new model and figure out where it came from. It could be rust from within or mineral deposits that are part of your water. Always use a lid over your nipple when warming the bottle so nothing sprays up and gets into the milk. Almost all bottles come with these, so use them.

What is really great about a baby bottle warmer is that they are often very inexpensive. If you have to replace one, it is not going to hurt that much. In fact, you may want to get two if you find one that you like, or if you are buying one for someone as a gift. Once you are done warming bottles, remember to hang on to them, as you may want to use the bottle warmer again in the future to help warm up baby foods. As long as there aren’t any deposits and as long as the cords are still in good shape, you can use it for as long as you need.


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