A Special Article For a Special Triond Employee: Oren Solomianik

As you probably know, Triond uses getsatisfaction.com as its primary interface for customer support. This is where I first came in contact with Oren Solomianik, about two months ago. This particular Triond employee has helped me a lot since then, promptly answering all my questions regarding the services his company offers and briefly suggesting some tips that I found very useful.

You may be wondering why haven’t I just given praise to Oren Solomianik on Get Satisfaction’s customer support interface. Well, the answer is that I will do that, but I also want to drop a link to this article in my praise thread, so that the world may know what a wonderful person Oren is.

All in all, I have asked three very important questions on Triond’s page on Get Satisfaction, all of which were successfully answered by the official rep of Triond, Oren Solomianik. The first was about some problems I faced when trying to publish content and I kept getting the “duplicate content” message on my dashboard. The second one was about checking all the income pouring from Triond in my Adsense account. Finally, the third was about my referral link, which I couldn’t spot on my dashboard. Anyway, Oren made it clear for me that only after I will have received a payment from Triond I will be able to see my own personal referral link.

Judging from his profile picture on Get Satisfaction, I’d say Oren Solomianik is about 25 years old, spends a lot of time in front of the screen, helping people out (he has quite thick glasses) and is very open-minded (has an unconventional hair style and wears his shirt with its first button loose). While checking out his profile I couldn’t help notice that I am not the only one who has received hypes of help from him. In fact, I am one of many other Triond users in my situation!

Therefore, I’d like to thank Oren Solomianik with all my heart for being so active and helpful towards us! I know he gets paid for what he does, however that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t deserve my praise. All the best to you, Oren!

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