Monday, December 18

How to Use Redgage And Gain Thousands of Extra Views

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It’s almost a year since I’ve started writing on pay-per-view sites such as Triond and Bukisa. At first, I was head over heals involved in backlink building by means of different social sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz etc.

With the passing of time, I realised that spending about ten minutes promoting every article that I wrote on backlink sites was very time consuming. Thus, I decided to experiment a bit and invest all the time I was wasting on such sites in actual quality article writing. It turned out it is far more profitable to spend your time writing new content rather than promoting your already published articles on backlink sites. This surely worked for me, but may not work for people that do not produce quality content, but only blog entries.

Nevertheless, there is one backlink site I have never quit and that I never intent to quit: RedGage. If you’ve already heard of it, then you can probably already guess the main reason why I haven’t: RedGage pays you for links that you post on their site. That is the closest to killing two birds with one stone that a paid-per-views article writer can ever get.

The operating principle is quite simple: you publish content (articles, photos, videos, no matter what) on pay-per-view sites such as Triond, Bukisa, so on so forth and simply paste the link to your material on RedGage. RedGage, in its turn, acts exactly as the sites mentioned and pays you about $0,01 for 15 views of your links. This may seem little, but keep in mind that RedGage also acts as a backlink builder, so it’s far more profitable to invest your time in pasting links on RedGage, rather than on, say, StumbleUpon, which does not pay you in any way.

Since I’ve been completely honest and open to you so far, I can share with you some additional facts: I’ve got 41 articles published on-line at the time being, all of them backlinked on RedGage, where I’ve summed up about 4000 views of my links in about half a year’s time. Out of these 4000 views on RedGage, which gained me $2.63, about 2500 were accessed by users of RedGage and, thus, brought substantial revenue on the sites where my content was originally published.

So, as you can see, RedGage has clearly helped me a lot – even though I don’t have a lot of articles published, I have more that 2500 views redirected to them from RedGage. Q.E.D.


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