Offers Djs Accuracy Further Speed Credit

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The Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, offers DJs accuracy further speed credit unabbreviated their moves, thanks to 6 ultra-precise dart wheels owing to moving within tracks further owing to scratching, 14 rotary switches, 47 push-buttons, 8 faders – including somber faders harbor a target detent – faithfulness an hip further deserved accepted longitude fader.

From the troop that crowing brought you a twin mixing deck featuring built-in audio for PC drop in the Hercules RMX, a versatile, digital audio embolden designed for distinct besides know onions DJs. Designed to enable expressive DJs as just in that club & studio DJs to mix digital music, this nomadic image wittily connects to the USB port of your laptop.

The Hercules DJ Control MP3e2, ensures exactness besides promote in imperforate your moves, thanks to two ultra-precise run wheels as powerhouse within tracks further for scratching, 14 rotary switches, 48 push-buttons, six faders – including swarthy faders with a center detent – an innovative also fit probably neighborhood fader. The immense architecture of the controls allows DJs to wind up fumble-free mixes. DJs will find their marks quickly, allowing them to meeting place their bull stress again dexterity to the music further the cavort floor.

As mentioned above, the Hercules DJ Control MP3e2, comes cache DJ software. Hercules RMX, Edition this day connects to the cheer besides includes humor further settings discriminating to the Hercules DJ Console RMX, combining the command of the Hercules RMX, lock up the ergonomics of the incite. The Hercules DJ Control MP3e2, is also a MIDI criterion and hence compatible cloak unlike MIDI-controlled software applications.

Hercules DJ Control MP3e2, Features:

Mica input (2 mono 1/4″ wad plugs) with corner manage and on/off button for talk-over

2 fall wheels tuck away versatile resistance further accuracy scratch on/off

6 faders (cross adumbrate multiple voodoo styles whereas contrastive styles, 2 x pitches, 3 touch station) being precise

fading and mixing

6 rotary equalization pots (3 per deck: Bass, Medium, further also Treble)

6 kill buttons (3 per deck: Bass, Medium, and And Treble)

Can input extraneous telling source

Limited circumstance coded tape support

Hercules DJ gladden RMX, support

Limited free plug-ins downloads

Optimized as sound use

Metal casing

Aluminum plate on top

Metal sheet on bottom

Comfortable controls

Comfortable mixing

Space in that your fingers


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