Review of The Life of Pi

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The book “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel tells the story of a Boy named Piscine Patel and how he had been stranded in the middle of the ocean floating around for a long time. Piscine, or pi for short, was the son of an Indian zoo keeper and learned a lot about watching over animals from him. When Pi turned 16 his father did not like the leader of India, Mrs. Gandhi, so he closed down the zoo and sold the animals to zoos in America. Then, Pi’s family went to America on the same Japanese Freighter that the animals were being transported on. Then, that ship sank and the only survivors were Pi, a zebra, a spotted hyena, a chimpanzee, and a tiger named Richard Parker. First, the hyena ate the zebra, then afterwards it ate the chimpanzee but then the only thing left was Richard Parker and he ate the hyena. Now, Pi was stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with a Bengal Tiger that could eat him at anytime. He and Richard Parker spend 227 days at sea, and during that time he had tamed the tiger and fed it with fish. Finally when they made it to the coast of Mexico Richard Parker ran off and nobody believed him when he told them about his odyssey with the tiger.

            I would recommend this book if you enjoy reading about a person that has to face a lot of dangers. I personally like books like that, so I like this book. There were many scenes in the book were Pi had to defeat an obstacle. One of them was when Pi was in the water and had to get out because there were sharks in the water but to make it worse the only place he could go was next to a tiger. He watched as Richard Parker went under the tarpaulin of the life boat and then he wedged an oar on it and climbed aboard so that Richard does not see him. Another scene I liked where Pi had to defeat an obstacle was when he had to get the tiger to think of him as the alpha male. He used turtle shells as shields and a whistle to provoke Richard Parker close to attacking and then he would drop the anchor causing the boat to rock and make Richard sick. With this technique he was able to get the tiger to think he was the alpha and it had to listen to him. Thanks to this advantage when a blind cannibalistic man came across their life boat Richard Parker ate him to protect Pi. This is just a preview of the whole book. I suggest that you read the book to get the whole picture.


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