"my New Born Baby Jordan"

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In addition to me finding out i was going to be a father, i was also jobless. Living in Miami and being jobless really don’t mix well, but i was determined to find me a job and be the best father ever. After eight months Jordan my sons name was ready to come out of the oven, he’s a month premature. I was at work at the time, see i set my mind and i accomplished my goal working for Directv. Everybody at work went berserk, extremely happy for me, one of my supervisors even dropped me off at my house because i decided to walk that day to work. I rushed to the hospital and saw my wife laying there anxious, but when she held my hand she started to ease a bit, i guess i made her feel comfortable. It was a long wait there sitting at the hospital, just waiting and waiting. Until Jordan decided to hop out my wife couldn’t have Jordan natural, so we had to do a C-section. When i saw my beautiful boy i cried, and when i held him i cried some more. So when everything was fine and we were ready to go home, this was when things started to get a little bit harder. I mean Jordan would not stop crying, first he had a lot of Colics, so my wife got Jordan Similac soy for fussiness and gas which helped a lot. My wife also got Jordan Mylicon which also helped a lot, but i guess my son is a little special because he loves to get driven around and rocked before he falls asleep. Jordan is a really good son, he’s four months right now as i type this article and he’s already trying to walk which is incredible. In the beginning i had no clue what i was doing but I’m a quick learner, and to say that a son and father bond is a great thing. I love spending every minute i get with my boy, and he’s a little clown the expressions he makes are so beautiful, he has a gorgeous smile and his attention span is super great. I’m writing this article for the simple fact that I’m proud to be a father, and for those who are yet to become a father, all i can say is just show your boy all the love and affection you can give them.


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