Team Edward And Twilight Fanatics Still Abundant

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I still can’t believe my 57 year-old sister is on Team Edward and doesn’t recognize she is among the serious Twilight fanatics.  The fact that she’s a 57 year-old gray-haired black woman on Team Edward, is one indication that she’s a Twilight fanatic.  My sister is normally a sane and levelheaded woman, until it comes to the Twilight movies.  She won’t admit it, but she is a true fanatic.  I’m a 52 year-old divorced woman.  Trust me, I can think of a lot more things to get hot and bothered over besides a twenty something year-old lipstick wearing vampire.  My older sister, on the other hand, seems to be seriously stuck between a vampire and a hard place!  What in the world is the appeal of this darn movie?  Don’t these folks realize they’re becoming Twilight fanatics?

Twighlighters are Loyal Fans

Twilighters (term for Twilight fans) are truly loyal fans and they come in all colors, shapes and sizes, not to mention all ages.  They have generally seen the three movies (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) more than twice, not to mention having purchased at least the third novel.  Of the four available novels, only three have been made into a movie thus far.  The fourth book is in the mix but will be months before it is finished.  In fact, the fourth big thick hardcover book is actually being made into two movies. So, even the bootleggers have to wait before the saga continues on the big screen.  All four books, however, can be purchased in audio format.  As fans await the final movies in the Twilight series, they can listen to tales of Bella, Edward and Jacob repeatedly on audio disk.  Apparently, that is exactly what they seem to be doing, everyday, all day.  I don’t know about Team Jacob, but in our household, Team Edward seems to be holding his own.  I honestly can’t believe that my 57 year-old vampire struck sister doesn’t recognize she is now one of the Twilight fanatics.

Trying To “Turn” Your Family

Not only is my sister a hopeless fanatic about the Twilight movies, but she is trying to turn the rest of the family.  When it came to getting me to watch Twilight, she did everything but bite me and suck my blood!   Personally, I’m not a vampire kind of gal.  In fact, in addition to vampires, I make it a point to stay away from zombies, demons and any other blood sucking or flesh eating creatures.  For some reason, I don’t seem to mind werewolves, though I still wasn’t particularly interested in watching Twilight.  I absolutely loved Jack Nicholson in the movie Wolf.  Still, I had no desire to tune in to Twilight and route for the werewolves on Team Jacob.  My sister consistently assured me that the entire plot is centered around the love story between Bella and Edward.  “Everything else is incidental.”  She backed me into a corner one day and insisted on giving me a summary of the storyline.  Now I was stuck between a vampire and a hard place and all I could do was listen. 

Spreading Twilight Fever

Twilight fans have a way of spreading Twilight fever to everyone they come in contact with.  When my sister began telling me the story of Bella and Edward, at first, I listened half-heartedly.  I really just wanted to get back to doing my nails (I only came to ask her for some polish remover).  An hour later, I was still hanging on her every word and wondering when the movie would come on cable again so I could watch it.  By that point, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  She laid out the basic storyline of the love affair between the vampire Edward and the mortal girl Bella. My sister’s words painted a vivid picture in my mind, as she introduced and explained each character, as well as their significance (or lack thereof). 

I didn’t have to wonder why she could do such a good job of describing the characters and events. She had watched the first movie over and over until she loaned it out (never to be returned). Ordinarily, she wouldn’t have parted with the movie, but my nephew brought her the second story in audio CD format. She was ecstatic because it hadn’t hit the movies yet. She listened to the second book over and over again, that is, when she wasn’t catching the first movie on cable television. When the second movie came out, she was already clued in on what to expect as she watched the scenes on the screen unfold.  The Twilight and New Moon movies and New Moon and Eclipse audios kept her busy until Eclipse hit the theaters.  After that, there was no holding her.  She rushed out and bought the humongous fourth novel, Breaking Dawn

Speaking the Twilight Language

I asked my sister what appeals to her so much about the movies, and besides the love story, she says she likes the ideal of being swept into another world.  I guess I get it, but somehow I just don’t speak the Twilight language.  Speaking of which, not only does the Twilight storyline use special terminology but Twilight fans have begun to speak a whole new language among themselves. Numerous fan sites exist to put you up on the latest Twilight lingo. Even the term Twilighter is now a household word, used to describe those who are caught up in the Twilight movement. Everywhere you go, you’ll find people who speak the Twilight language. Some are actually Twi-hards that are into twilightology and are often found twimmersing.

[Translation:  Die-hard Twilight fans that are into the study of all things Twilight and they make a habit of tying everything to Twilight by any means necessary.]

I was with my sister at the bookstore when she went to purchase the third book (before she bought that one in audio format also).  The Borders has an entire Twilight selection of not just books and audios, but other Twilight memorabilia like key chains, bookmarks, etc.  My 57 year-old sister asked the young girl ahead of us in line (who had to be all of 12 years old) which team she was for, team Edward or team Jacob.  The child tugged on one of her blond curls and blushed.  “I’m not sure, they’re both so cute!”   

As for me and my stand on the Twilight series, No, I haven’t picked Team Edward or Team Jacob.  While I eventually viewed and enjoyed all three movies, I have no desire to listen to the cd’s endlessly, let alone crack open that huge novel to find out the outcome.  Besides, my sister the Team Edward fanatic can’t hold water.  She already told me how it ends, so I have no problem waiting for the last two movies.  I guess I’m not one of the true Twilight fanatics.  I don’t care, because contrary to popular belief, that’s a good thing.


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