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Men And Depression is Equal to Mental Depression

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Yes… it is true that half as many men as women seek for a visit to the psychotherapy and majority of them are diagnosed with depression. But, unfortunately not many remain alive because men commit self destruction eight times more than that of women. On an average, one person is bound to end his life every 18 minutes. self destruction has now been ranked as the eight leading cause of death in men.

The most vulnerable age of men who succumb to such a drastic step of self destruction is the youth and the older men. The self destruction rate though is at its peak between the ages 20-24, thus making it the 3rd ranking cause of death in United States. The reasons for self destruction may vary from the youth to the aged. The youth may self destruction due to heart failure, loss in business, lack of prosperity, loneliness and many more. While, older men commit self destruction due to isolation from fellow mates, ignored by their children and the reason of over dependency on others can lead to self destruction.

Why Men Choose self destruction

Not every attempt made by the individual gets completed. Although the second attempt to commit self destruction may be successful in many instances. It is known that the inability to deal with the pressures leads to self destruction. Let us check on some of the other risk factors that may force a person to self destruction. 

1.      Pressure to handle problems at work, relations.

2.      Living alone, isolation, no friends or less friends and no socializing

3.      Unable to sustain meaningful relationships

4.      Divorce, breaks-ups

5.      Sexual pr physical abuse history

6.      Unemployment

7.      Loss of the loved one

8.      Illness

self destruction due to age

In older men the wish to commit self destruction becomes more when he is depressed, in physical pain and illness, living alone and feels hopelessness, valueless and guilt.

Can self destruction be Prevented

self destruction can be prevented if a person realizes the change in the opposite. A slightest hint shall do enough to understand what the opposite person’s intentions are. If gauging the person’s intentions isn’t possible than the first and foremost way would be by confronting with the person and trying to explain him of his weird acts and trying to understand the mental stature that the opposite is undergoing. The warnings signs mentioned above may not always lead or be the prime causes of self destruction but they are a part of the whole. The best way to help the opposite would be by offering encouragement and introducing them to the brighter sides of the problem and helping them cope up with it shall be very helpful. Taking help from a number of sources; such as family doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, voluntary organizations, community mental health center, local hospital or social agency too can help in understanding the person’s mentality and getting it solved so as to remove the thought of committing self destruction.

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