The Masons Jewels

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Today, it is not a requirement to be a true Masona member of the Brotherhood of the principles of social work, self-improvement and self-awareness are. They were behind the creation of public schools in America and Europe.

In selecting the membership of a Masonic lodge, there are a number of Masonic jewels that a member may have and take. The classic traditional piece is the signet ring, but there are other alternative options. For the member who already has a ring Lodge, other gift options are twins, pocket watches, tie pins and even what to do. These can all carry the same value and emblems as the rings. Symbols are very important in Freemasonry and the degree of group member ordered the lodge and what the member wants to say about its membership. The most common signs and symbols of the compass and square, to represent the foundation of Freemasonry.

The main focus of these tools is the letter G which means and stands for geometry, a principle of Freemasonry, and also for God, the original makers and manufacturer. Some other tools of the trade are found in Jewelers Masonic trowel, the level of lead and Columns. There are many kinds of symbols, choose the design of various pieces.

Only group members are allowed to wear the jewelry, but there are some cases where it is passed like antique jewelry Masonic family heirlooms. As for how to wear accessories or the rings around, there are no specific rules on the right track. Some members like to wear emblems of them, but others like to wear them outside to see just for others to see it. Married men usually wear their Masonic rings on the ring finger of his right hand.


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