Monday, December 18

Dainese Motorcycle Leathers Clothing

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Dainese motorcycle leathers clothing are of the highest quality, with everything handmade. Materials such as carbon titanium and fiber are also used within the manufacturing procedure, again, placing Dainese at the forefront of motorcycle clothing and protection accessories. A clear good example of how Dainese are at the edge of protection gear is with the release its new air-bag-equipped motorcycle suit or jackets by 2010. Dainese’s D-Tec system is the 1st airbag from a major protective motorcycle jacket producers and manufacturer, although small companies have released some jackets with cruder activation systems.

Ducati Men’s Jacket is a black leather jacket is always the perfect choice to wear on and in to your bike. This simple and very elegant jacket has all the modern protections perfect for riding and was made by Dainese especially for Ducati brand. The Ducati logo was designed by Giugaro and originally used in the 80s is printed in very large letters on the front, with 2 smaller logos on the upper left sleeve and another in lower right sleeve. White stripes add a crisper and cool look to an otherwise black background. This jacket has a removable EC approved protections located on the shoulders and elbows, space for a back guard, a sanitized long lasting lining, a stretch panels and quick adjustable hip fastening to improve movement. Perforated to keep the rider cool, making this suit very likeable and comfortable to wear and use.

Dainese leather jacket is another name for a style and comfort. These jackets come in an array of different designs and cuts. They have separate collections for men and women. They mainly differ in cuts and colors. Those meant for men mainly comes in black. They can have other colors along with black or white. Those have various elaborate and bold embellishments like chains, buckles and bigger pockets. Those that are meant for girls are seen in nice and bright hues. Black is also the first choice over here. But there are other color too like red, blue, white, yellow and even the girly pink. They contain bold but smaller attachments to it.


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