Friday, December 15

Involvement in Crime by The Alcohol Addicts

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There are many men and women who are going through a rough patch owing to their unputdownable addiction to drugs and alcohol. They are crippled, miserable and weak. This stage usually comes when these guys finally try to put back life and relationships into shape and control after realizing the mud and slush that they have set themselves in. Had they don’t halt the ongoing things life will become more disgusting followed by a painful death.

It is a known fact that excessive consumption of alcohol has many degrading and corrupting impact on the physical and psychological health. There is one such problem that these addicts pose to the society at large. And that is the increase in crime rates. The addicts have been seen involved in crime after they drink too much. One of the commonest of all is the burning issue of domestic violence. Little things between the couple get blown out to mammoth proportions. There is always heated arguments and exchange of bitter verbose between the husband and wife. If there are kids around the negative and horrendous impact on them is beyond any repair.

This isn’t limited to verbal abuses. When things get out of control physical violence creeps in. These alcoholics don`t even know the situation that they create or exaggerate because their mind is numb and senses are lost. Beating each other or kicking or throwing things are some of the dreadful sights in many households unfortunately. Many women silently bear all this atrocious behavior from their spouse and are scared to move out of the house. The statistics have shown a rapid increase of just domestic violence worldwide. Alcoholic rehab can only provide a solace and a life sans addiction for these addicts.

Increase in burglaries and vandalism are such reported cases that sees great involvement by alcoholics. Driving under the influence is one such problem that is giving nightmare to every man on the road who wants to drive safe and reach his or her destination without getting injured. People drunk till brim always think that they are alright and stable enough to drive. The result is accident and mishap. I have even heard of ‘black out states’. It is like committing crimes and no memory about the crime afterwards. Some opined that this is nothing but a good excuse to wash away from being caught in the crime scene. But it is real. This has been seen on a rise nowadays. As a matter of fact the families and friends should check out the best rehab centers in their nearby area and enroll their loved one as soon as possible. No one wants to see them as vandal or ruffian or in felony.


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