Don't Accept to Carry Luggage From Stranger

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A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have go through bad experiences because of carrying someone else luggage because this luggage isn’t just ordinary luggage, it contains cocaine. Only then they realized, after they were caught by authorities. That was now the biggest problem and the Philippine government problem.

That’s the case of three OFW’s in China who are sentenced of capital punishment. So far, the planned execution was suspended because of the effort of the Philippine government represented by Vice President Binay. President Noynoy Aquino send off VP Binay to China to ask for commutation if possible.

President Aquino also encourages us to pray for the three OFW. We, then, hope and pray that the Chinese government will act on this positively. At least, a commutation to life imprisonment is acceptable development.

Press releases of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) affirmed full support to the families of three OFW. The DFA scheduled visit of the families to China. Families of Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo, and Elizabeth Batain will welcome all these developments.

With this, I encourage everyone to not accept someone else luggage especially from someone you don’t know. Strangers most of the time are not safe to deal with. Know someone else background before putting your trust on the line. Or else, it will cost your life. International drug syndicates are very hostile so be aware always. If it is good to be true, then, it really is.


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