Thursday, December 14

What to do if You Can’t Afford to Raise Your Kids

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You can get free services and financial assistance from the welfare office. You will get free baby sitting service, free financial assistance, like $700 a month, free healthcare and more. You should give it a try. You can also try for free housing if you qualify.

Child support

Your boyfriend or husband should help you out as well. It takes two to tangle so there is no reason for you to have to handle your kids on your own. If you know his name, you can sue him in court for child support. You should go after him. I don’t believe in irresponsible parents.


You should get your family to involve. They can help you with baby sitting and groceries or help with the bills here and there.

Foster care

You can try foster care if you’re really stuck, such as being homeless. You can go to an agency and just put your child away for awhile and you can still visit and you might get your kids back one day when you’re financially stabled.


You should try adoption also. Adoption works if you can’t no longer take care of your child. You can try an agency and just give up your kids for adoption if you don’t want your kids, out of rape or you’re sick and can’t pay your bills anymore.

Get help from the community

Check with your community for programs that will help you. You can check with your local community for free babysitting or financial assistance.


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