Sunday, December 17

Self Publishing Do's And Dont's

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Self Publishing is a growing wave but there are things they don’t tell you even after they have their money. Here are the things self publishers usually learn the hard way.

1.) Self Publishing is a challenge and it helps to know what to do Before you are in over your head. It is usually more important than everything else. New Authors often do not realize that NO marketing is included in the package they have just spent thousands of dollars for. When they do see what they are up against, it is often too late to stop their masterpiece from being harmed.  The first two months a book is live, meaning first available, are critical to potential publishers, retailers, reviewers, and a lot of other important people. If you are looking to catch the attention of a traditional publishing company, you need to sell between 500 and 1000 books in that time. By yourself. It is almost impossible without these tips.

2.) Start your marketing Before the release. Most self Publishing Companies say it will take two weeks to a month once you have submitted all materials, for the book to be live but it usually takes much longer. Do not wait. You need the time.

3.) Have a Real marketing plan. Do not assume it will sell on its own. I suggest “How to sell thousands of your self published books”, by Penelope Thompson. This Ebook is worth every cent and will give you a step by step guide to marketing that includes the right websites for reviews, blogging your new book, and setting up a simple domain.

4.) Get organized. Self Published Authors are often frazzled, exhausted, and unhappy with the world because they do not plan out their time. Paid or not, you are now an official Writer, a public person, and you must behave like it. Do not leave the house with your hair and clothes mussed, do not yell or cause a public scene, and do not miss interviews or appointments, even if you are nervous or just do not want to do it. This is your career. Treat it like such.

5.) Find an agent ASAP. Months before your release date, be in contact with as many agents as possible. The Writers Market provides lists of currently accepting Literary Agents for a very reasonable monthly fee, only $5.00. Once you have an agent, some of the work load eases up and you can get back to what you love. Writing.

6.) If you do not put in the time, 40 hours a week at least, you will be facing a hard road. Even if it is broken into 45 minutes here and there, the amount of time you spend marketing will result in book sales going up or staying the same.

7.) Consider a different method of publishing. Ebooks have also grown in popularity and there are a number of places accepting submissions almost continuously


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