All IN God's Good Time


All those things I pray for

and the things my God has planned

may not happen as I think they should;

I may not always understand

and sometimes I really may not like it

or comprehend the reasons why

but there is one thing I’m sure of,

on my God I can rely.

I can’t always see things

the way that my God sees.

I can’t see the road ahead, but

God knows what is best for me.

He is blazing the straight road ahead,

preparing the way that I should go

and God already knows the way,

all those things that I can’t know.

God is leading me to glory on

the best path for my life.

If I am patient and I wait on Him,

I will know a lot less strife.

He will give me all the strength I need

to make it through today

and all I have to do is follow

and hear what Jesus has to say,

listen, not do all the talking

each time I pause to pray.

He’ll turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones

to accomplish what He has begun.

He will see my every need is met,

now, and in the days to come.

I shall not need for anything

and my worries will be few

when I am still, take time to listen,

take time to think things through

and ask myself if I am doing

what my Lord God would do.

He wrote His word upon life’s pages

and has sealed them in my heart

and whether I am walking

o’er steep hills or valleys dark,

my Lord always walks with me,

leading on, holding my hand

and giving me encouragement

when I don’t understand.

He is the God of my salvation.

I need not ever be afraid

when I walking in the footsteps

on the path that Jesus blazed.

All He asks is that I trust Him.

I need not worry or despair

because all I need, all I really need

will be there when I need it there.

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