Monday, December 11

Third And Final Word of The Lord For 2011 – 3 of 3

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In This Third and Final Series of Prophetic Words for 2011 – 3 of 3, the strong Word that comes forth is this: 

Be Strong…Watch for the Signs…and Watch Your Words…

These Are Words Which Are Not New But They Are Now Carrying A Stronger Intensity, Emphasis And Sense of Urgency

A.  BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS…IF GOD IS SAYING IT,  IT’S BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED TO BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS…there are many things in store for the United States which this nation has never witnessed or passed through before…many will not be pleasan or encouraging but I have a people, a remnant, (those who remain after all that can be shaken can be shaken), who have been trained and prepared to withstand any shaking to which they are subjected.  All you have passed through in the last 8 -10 years has been preparation for that which is now coming on this nation.

Fear Not is the Word of the Lord for 2011.  For I Am is with you…and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  There is a shaking coming to this nation through which it has not passed before.  Be strong and be bold in My Hands.

B. THE SAME CIVIL UNREST YOU SEE IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS NOW COMING TO THE U.S. FOR VARIOUS REASONS – financial insecurity and lack, race disturbances, food supply shortages, political upheaval, labor disputes, unprecedented mass corruption at every, yes, every level of this nation’s society. 

What many thought to be the greatest nation on earth was a fascade.  It was a great, gargantuan farce.  For the nation which your forefathers envisioned became more and more contaminated with the world as My people got further and further away from My Heart.   But I have a Plan to restore, re-align and then re-position to where I want this nation to be.  I have a Plan.

C.  I have a Plan and it is to shake this dollar of yours as it never has been shaken before.  Hyper-inflation is continuing to inch it’s way upward even as I declare these Words to you. 

Some of you even now are offended by what I AM saying.  You cannot believe it, your “golden calf” of materialism and cut throat competition laced with corruption has been toppled and only I can make it a “golden eagle” and “silver eagle” once again.  “Let he who has an ear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.”

D. You Must Know Relationships and Link With Those Who Have Been Proven Faithful. This is not going to be the time for casual acquaintances which you have considered relationships.  This is the time for Divine Relationships, those that I have forged and jointly knit and bound together.  For with what is coming, you will reach out to grab and to steady yourself with those you have known — and they will no longer be there.  But if you are in correct alignment and in proper position, you will find yourself linked with an Anchor and other anchors who will not break rank — for you will have been linked together according to my Purposes.

WATCH FOR SIGNS and watch to hear what words come out of your mouth.  Now is the time to be intentionally prophetic, display your gifts and callings, let people know who you shall serve in the midst of the darkness.  As you do, others in the dark will take note and come to see the true Light.


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