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Have a Successful Blog

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There are huge potentials for blogs in the internet industry today. If you are a newbie and trying to decide on whether to commit to a blog or website, try a blog first.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find the potential benefits of having a blog. A blog done correctly can provide you with huge rewards in the end, both personally and if done correctly financially. It can also prepare you for websites if that is your desired vocation.

There are a few tips that I hope will help make your blog a success and your experience more fun than work.

  • Use online copywriting best practices. You can hold your readers interest more by using shorter sentences and more to the point writing when posting articles for blogs. If you were writing an article for print you would use a different tone and format. However, for online blogging, try to keep it short and sweet without taking anything away from the content of your posting information. Use shorter paragraphs and you will be surprised at how much better your blog content will please your readers.

For many article writers this can be a challenge. Article writers are not accustomed to writing in this sort of format, especially if you have written for years as a career. After a few times of posting to your blog, you will learn that you can be versatile in your style and format. You can find out if readers are responding to your blogging by comments or suggestions left on your blog site.

  • Many bloggers have Guests Posting performed on their site. The guest posting can draw the attention of your dedicated following of readers and the guest postings usually create fabulous postings. They are writing in a different tone from your usually tone and provide something new, different and fresh to your blog.

  • When writing blog posts and content try to have somewhat of a friendly tone. Don’t allow the posts and content to become formalized. You are communicating with a following and blogs are more informal than websites.

Invite friends that you have elsewhere online, invite them to visit your blog. Use a conversational invite and you will be surprised at the number of visitors you will receive to your site.

  • Post on a schedule. If you post every 2 days, commit to that schedule. Your following of readers will also commit. Having a Google Blogger makes this very simple to do. You can sit down and create several posts at a time and schedule when you would like them posted to the blog. For example, if you would like post 1 and 2 posted on January 21st at 8am and post 3 and 4 posted on January 23rd at 8am, you can put them all on the blog and schedule when you would like these posted. Google Blogger will post 1 and 2 on the date and time indicated and 3 and 4 on the date and time indicated. This is wonderful if you would like to do your blog posted all on Saturday afternoon for the week.

Sometimes it is better to write your post in one session of time. You have the mind frame in one setting and you can be organized to have everything you need where you may have time crunches in other situations that may not allow your blog postings to be all that they can be. If you have vacation scheduled or other days out where writing cannot be done, you can still have postings done on that schedule that your bloggers expect.

  • Try to keep the latest and greatest information on your blog. Attempt to find something new and different from other blogs of the same or similar content or same interests as your blog. Review what they are posting and try and post something different but related to the same audience. This type of strategy will draw in newbies that you want to become dedicated followers of your blog.

  • Linking to other blogs is completely all right. Sometimes it may be better than all right. If you have ads on your blogs, ask them to post your link on their blog and you will post their link on yours. You will get more views. They may not become dedicated followers but you may get more visitors.

  • To get visitors transformed to followers there are some things you may add to your blog. Have a sign in portion of the blog. This sign in portion is where people can register or leave a comment that can be emailed to you prior to posting. If they do email to you, send a personal reply to the comment or visitor. Get those visitors to become followers.

  • Readers absolutely love lists. The top five of this, the top seven of that, the most 20 of this. These are great postings that people categorically enjoy. If you are following your blog with Google Analytics, take a look. You will find that these work. These are not something you can post daily, but add a few from time to time. Get great ones that can grab the attention of your readers and hold it.

Many people think blogging is something you simply put out there once and leave it alone. Wrong! A great blog deserves attention, research and details. If you want to be a great blogger and produce something of substance, work at it. You will be rewarded.


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