Why we Were Safer During The Cold War

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We were safer during the Cold War because the people’s panic forced the governments to provide training, shelters, and supplies. Today, when you mention the possibility of nuclear war, most people roll their eyes and start ranting about Iran wanting to have nukes. No one considers it a threat anymore, despite it still being the most destructive weapon ever created. Did you know that during the cold war, citizens practiced evacuation drills? The US Army sent out pamphlets too and videos, some of which are available on Youtube, under declassified government fallout videos. These information releases occurred often and bunkers were always stacked with supplies, ready to go. Now, the only one who has a safe place to hide, is the person who has a pass to NORAD or a like shelter. During the Cold War, the government was forced to care for the needs of its citizens by preparing them for nuclear war. Now, those bunkers sit empty, abandoned and decaying for decades, and most of us will be casualties.

“Mommy.” Said the little boy. “Why do we have bombs?”

“To keep us safe from our enemies.” The Mother replied patiently.

“But bombs kill people. How does that keep us safe?” He persisted.

“Because it scares them.”

“But aren’t we afraid of their bombs?”

“No.” The Mother replied proudly. “Ours are bigger.”

This is what we teach our children. Not right and wrong, but that the bigger force wins. And it’s a lie. The blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the War but they didn’t really accomplish the goal. The government said using the WMD’s would keep all those soldiers from dying in a long, drawn out campaigns, like battles of the past. But consider the hundreds of thousands that perished anyway from fallout and radiation sickness. Those weren’t even soldiers who signed on for a future war. Those were innocent women and kids. 

The public has always been the ones to reign in our leaders when they went too far and I think we can all agree that time has come again. They have created these awful weapons under the pretense of safety but even one nuclear explosion over any city damages the entire planet. What good is winning a War over dead ground? Nuclear weapons are a huge threat to the survival of mankind. 

“When is enough, enough? Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear weapons are not what we should be spending our time and money on. How about a weapon that only puts everyone in a ten mile radius to sleep for a while? Why do we have to keep killing each other?”


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