Friday, December 15

Fish IN Our Diet

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The nutrients in fish, especially the Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to our good health and we need it every day but who wants to eat fish every day.  I like fish but I don’t want to eat it every day and fish is expensive to buy.  I can’t afford to eat fish seven days a week and I wouldn’t if I could but that doesn’t take away the need for getting those Omega-3 fatty acids I need. 

What if you don’t like fish or cannot eat fish because you are allergic to it like one of my sons, or you won’t and don’t eat it for other reasons, like maybe you choose to live a vegan lifestyle or maybe your religion forbids it, what can you do, should you do?  You can still get your Omega-3 from plant sources like soy, flax, salvia, cabbage and other vegetables, walnuts and grains like millet and you can get a goodly supply of Omega-3 from eating sea vegetables like kelp.

The Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish and especially in salmon and other fish like fresh tuna, cod, and halibut. Omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients that are very important in helping to prevent diseases associated with inflammation like arthritis, lupus and colitis, migraine headaches, and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory diseases and most cancers.  It also helps to protect and to build brain tissue matter.  The old saying that fish is brain food is absolutely true and it helps prevent memory loss and can help alleviate depression.

Eating fish also helps to prevent dry skin and hair, skin that is bumpy and rough, chronic fatigue and ladies, Omega 3 helps to alleviate and even prevent menstrual cramping and tender breast during your menstrual cycle. For most of us women that is reason enough to eat fish. We need fish in our diet or at least we need the Omega-3 fatty acids and we need to consume them on a regular basis.  You can get it by taking daily supplements but the best way to get your Omega 3 is naturally in the foods we eat.

If you can’t or don’t eat fish at least eat a good healthy serving of those vegetables, nuts and grains that are also high in the Omega-3 at least three or four times every week.  Just munching on 12 walnuts a day will provide a good share of the Omega-3 your body needs to be healthy and if you don’t want to snack on them add them to a salad or as a garnish on your dessert, add them to a casserole or stew but whatever you do, eat them.  Your body will thank you for it and you will live a healthier and longer life and who knows, you might just be a little smarter too.  After all, fish is brain food.  Put a little fish in your diet or the equivalent thereof. 


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