Friday, December 15

Most Expensive Houses in Europe

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A house can be a home only if there lives a happy family, but a house cannot be a home if there live no happy family, so what about the concept of most luxury, most beautiful or most expensive houses in the world?

1st place

Destination: Windlesham, England

Price: $ 139,000,000

This house is not only the most expensive house in Europe, but also in the world. The House comprises 103 bedrooms, 50 living rooms and 5 swimming pools, library, squash court, tennis court, bowling alley. Inside the house there are complements of 24 karat gold. This house is a very beautiful house and you may see its pictures on the Internet, you can also find a tour video of this house on the Youtube.

2nd place

Destination: London, England

Price: $ 92,000,000

This house was built by Turkish businessman. He had like a lot of space because the house has no guest room and swimming pool and its look like a servant quarters story of incredible 28,000 square feet! And there is really nothing to spend a lifetime in this house.

3rd place

Destination: London, England

Price: $ 59,000,000

WittanhurstPalaceis the largest house in London. It is located on 40,000 square feet, and again there is an elaborate every detail to perfection. Out of complete equipment for luxury home, it also features a glass dome.


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