How to Open My Business Without Money

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Write a Business Plan

If you don’t have the money yet for your business, you can still write a business plan.  A business plan defines your mission, how you will allocate resources and what you will do with the business.  It should include costs and expenses.  That way you will know how much money you will actually need to start your business.  It should also include risk and opportunities so that you will be prepared for the future.  A business plan will define the steps that you will need to take to make your business a reality.

Work on Your Logo

Even without money, you can start defining your logo.  If you are adept at graphics, you can begin work yourself.  Otherwise, you might have a friend who knows a lot about graphic art.  Your friend might give you a logo for free.  Having a logo is one more step toward having an actual business.

Make Contacts

You can start making contacts without having money.  Find people in the industry and get to know them.  Take them out to lunch or start talking to them on the phone.  When the time comes to really open your business, you will already have a rolodex of people that can support you.  This doesn’t cost much of anything and will help you to start your business.

Start at Home

If you are opening a restaurant, start working on the menu at home and practice cooking the dishes.  How much closer will you be to opening the restaurant if you already have the menu designed and know how much it costs to produce the dishes, both in time and money.  If you want to go into sales, then start making sales calls from your house or go door-to-door.  Whatever your business is, try to start at home and eventually you can expand when the time is right.

Move into Cyberspace

Start working on your webpage either alone or with friends who know how to make one.  Search engines don’t recognize webpages that are new very much, so if you plan on opening in a year or two, you might want to start making a webpage now.  Making a webpage doesn’t have to be expensive and there should be a lot of it that you can do yourself.  All solid businesses have a webpage.

Use Your Momentum

Now that you have started taking steps toward getting your business going, use your momentum.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion.  That means that once you get started you will likely progress a lot more than you would have if you had just moaned about not having enough money to open your business.  So use your momentum to your advantage and keep taking additional steps toward getting your business alive.


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