How To Treat Clinical Depression

Depression is a psychological phenomenon that will be experienced by people during various stages in their life. People go through this phase for a short duration and then get back to normal ways. The reason for this might be a personal tragedy or a personal failure.

People should be able to get out of it quickly. If they are not able to get out of it quickly, then they might have entered a phase called clinical depression. American Psychiatric Association has published some worrying data regarding the clinical depression. According to this report 17 million American adults get inflicted with clinical depression and out of this 3%commit suicide and 60% are planning to commit suicide.

These are startling figures which needs to be considered seriously. There are several reasons for the cause of depression and most of the people don’t take it seriously and doesn’t take treatment for it. When the clinical depression is compared with a temporary feeling of lowness, there are some major differences between the two.

Clinical depression is not temporary and unless otherwise treated properly, it may continue for years together, whereas a temporary low feeling is just a passing phase and the person will get back to normal ways in a short span of time. Clinical depression if left untreated will have a telling effect on the person’s professional, personal and social life.

People with clinical depression continue to be sad for months together and they don’t even realize that they are sad. Due to this they try to perform work thinking that they are normal, which results in failure and suicidal feelings and tendencies. There are certain symptoms associated with clinical depression. Clinically depressed persons will lose interest in every thing.

They will feel mentally and physically tired after doing a small work. Their digestion system will get affected and they will not be able to concentrate on their work for sufficient period of time. They will have panic attacks and will always be tense and never be relaxed. They will have a feeling of helplessness resulting in anxiety and bowel disorders.

Psychotherapists have different type of treatments for different people based on the level of the depression. They prescribe anti depressant drugs which contains the serotonin, the agent which will reduce the anxiety level and improve the mood of the person.

They also provide counseling services by asking the patient to top thinking negatively and giving a positive message to the patient and asking them to think positively. Doctors use the affirmation therapy which involves sending continuous positive signals to the affected person’s mind. In this treatment, psychotherapists also advise the patients to visualize them as a successful person, thereby enhancing the self image of the person.

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