Wednesday, December 13

Vital Tips On How To Reduce Aging

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The nutrition experts are still telling us to eat whole grains; brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, and other cereals to help us stay slim, due to the fiber’s role in controlling appetite. The low glycemic numbers of grains may also play a role in keeping insulin under control, thus making us healthier.

Research has also shown that whole grain products protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure. These benefits are provided by the vitamins, minerals and fiber present in edible plants. The wholeness nutrition in the grains is the value that is lacking in refined white flour products and white rice. There has been for some years an association of white with clean and wholesome, but these days we know that is not true, so the general and sound advice is to go brown.

It’s the quintessential ingredient in the anti aging process, and the benefits are scarcely recognized by many a couch potato. Maintaining muscle mass keeps the heart and lungs in prime condition and if they, the body’s engine room, are working well, the rest of the body should follow suit.

Exercise doesn’t have to be sweating in a gym for the customary, 3 or 4 times a week. If there’s a mat somewhere in your home, there are library books and DVDs on yoga, and what’s wrong with purchasing a small set of dumbbells to take for a daily swing. It’s not how much you do, it’s how often, and 20 minutes of daily exercise that makes your heart beat just a little faster will do the trick.

Even better, and a pleasure for most fitness enthusiasts, is running. The choice of venues is of course extensive: the park, the street, and a track if you are lucky enough to live near one. Try a friendly natter with a school caretaker if the school has a field, and use that, even if it costs you a bottle of Scotch at Christmas. Incidentally, if I may mention those boring researchers again, they say that the runners outlive most of those who don’t run, but I think they also meant anyone who did a routine of exercise; possibly cycling would keep you around a bit longer and maybe escape those nasty age related illnesses. Apart from that cycling is great. If you haven’t rode a bike since you were a kid, it’s no sweat. After the initial shock of having to remember how to stay balanced, you forget the bike is there under you, and you can then enjoy your new found freedom, and all that fresh air.

Fighting aging is always a losing battle—that’s nature, but fighting is better than giving up and giving in. While we fight we can still look good and feel good.

Make your new year’s resolution to keep slim and in shape, and check those classified ads for a good second hand bike. You will love it like your first dog.


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