Facing Your Fears Head On

Fear is crippling

Fear is a crippling disease. It can stop us from advancing in so many areas of our lives today. Career wise it can stop us from going for that promotion, and as a result we allow ourselves to settle for the comfortable level that we currently operate in.

Our health can be crippled by fear, too afraid to go to the doctor in fear of what the results of our tests will reveal. Fear can stop us from going for that new house, new job,a trip (too many fear factors to consider there). Until we learn to face our fears head on, we are crippled in our present station in life. We are holding ourselves back by not ridding ourselves of that crippling disease – fear.

If there is a particular fear that holds us back and we haven’t been able to overcome it, then we need to appeal to the higher source, God, who can help us conquer that fear.

Many years ago I used to be petrified of singing in church. The enemy of my soul would use my loud voice to make me believe that everyone would be staring at me if I did sing. For awhile this inner struggle continued, until really wanting to sing for the Lord, I confronted the fear that was installed in me and told the enemy that since God gave me this voice, I was going to use it for Him, and that broke the struggle.

I have been singing ever since and even went on to record music, and performed for special events. Face that fear, don’t let it win. Ask God to help you overcome that which you cannot do on your own. The Word says that ‘we have not because we ask not.’ Taking God at his word, ask, and he will answer.

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