How To Handle A Cold And Flu

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If a bread winner of the family gets sick with cold flu in these tough economic conditions, the family has to pay the price. The family has to bear the medical expenses cost and also the breadwinner will not be able to attend duty on those unwell days, depriving the family of the income for that day.

So, one must take immediate steps o arrest the cold. Other alternative is to have a preventive measure in place so that the family members do not get infected with cold virus. As a preventive measure against the cold infection, one needs to increase their Vitamin D levels in the body. Vitamin D has the ability to develop an immune system that will fight cold infections.

There is a perception among the majority of the people that in the winter months, the chill weather is the primary reason for getting cold attacks. It is not actually the chill weather, but the lack of proper sunlight that causes these cold infections. Lack of sunlight in the winter months causes the Vitamin D level in the body to drop to low levels. Thus for increasing the Vitamin D Levels in the body, one should take Vitamin D supplements to compensate for the loss in Vitamin D due to absence of sunlight.

A person standing in the sun during a hot summer day for 30 minutes gets about 30000 units of Vitamin D. Thus during the winter days, one needs at least 50% of the 30000 units to develop an immune system to fight cold. For getting to know the optimum quantity of Vitamin D needed for a person, the 25 OHD Blood test results will help. Based on the results, one can start taking the Vitamin D supplements to maintain the immunity level.

The Supplement levels have to be increased from the normal levels when the person gets infects with cold virus. In addition to the Vitamin D supplements, there are some home made remedies that can be easily followed by anyone, particularly when the person is in the grip of a strong cold attack.

The affected person can take some lime juice mixed with Vitamin C powder crystal at periodic intervals of time. Probably, the affected person can take this lime juice mixture once in an hour till the stomach gets filled up. This will greatly increase the immunity levels fighting against the cold.

Even when people are traveling, they can have the Vitamin D supplements and lime juice mixture with them, which will help them to keep the cold at bay. Though there are not any Vitamin D levels prescribed by the FDA for fighting cold, one needs to maintain an optimum level to fight the cold symptoms.

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