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Top 8 Weirdest Cars of All Time

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Country of origin – USA 

Production period – from 1936 until today 
Why is bizarre – The oldest car on the list – and the only one made so far – was launched by Oscar Mayer cafeteria (so the format of sausage). Over 70 years later, the car has evolved without losing the “style” original and can be found throughout the U.S. 
Curiosity – In addition to calling attention to the streets, the Wienermobile has appeared in films and on various talk shows on American television .


Country of origin – Germany 
Production period – 1961 to 1968 
Why is bizarre – This convertible was the only amphibious vehicle – walked the earth and water – has already produced and marketed in bulk. The steel chassis and body is not rusted and the doors were sealed to prevent ingress of water 
Curiosity – While still in the testing phase, the cart has sailed the English Channel, crossing the 33 kilometers separating England from mainland Europe.


Country of origin – Italy (made in Brazil by Romi) 
Production period – 1953 to 1962 (from 1956 to 1961, Brazil) 
Why is it bizarre – Beyond the bubble shape, the relatively small size (1.34 meter high and 2.3 long) and the capacity for two passengers, the only door was in front and some models had three wheels 
Curiosity – was the first car produced in large scale in Brazil – not so wide as well, because Romi has manufactured only 3,000 cars – and did 25 km on one liter of gasoline.

Tyrrell P34 

Country of Origin – England 
Production period – 1976 to 1977 
Why is it bizarre – Engineer Derek Gardner changed the front wheels for four wheels, keeping the grip and facilitating the flow of air. The F-1 wheels until six won a victory, but the wheels were expensive and gave a lot of work 
Curiosity – Other teams, such as March, Williams and even Ferrari has tested six-wheel models, all but dropped the idea.


Country of Origin – England 
Production period – 1973 to 1981 and from 1989 to 2001 
Why is bizarre – the Reliant could be different even among models in the strange category of three-wheeled car – perhaps the only one with a wheel in front and two behind. One of the original ideas of the model was fit it in the category of motorcycles, which guarantee lower taxes 
Curiosity – In England there is even racing Reliant Robin. During the tests, it is common to see them turning over because of the instability of the tricycle.


Country of origin – USA 
Production period – 1963 
Why is bizarre – the engine ran like a turbine jet, with plenty of power, but reduced vibration and noise. Only 55 copies were made – tested by 50 consumers – then the car-turbine project has led to other prototypes 
Curiosity – This, yes, it was a car “flex”: accept all types of fuel, kerosene fuel, from vegetable oil, perfume Chanel No. 5 and even tequila.

PLYMOUTHT Superbird 

Country of origin – United States 
Production period – 1970 
Why is bizarre – At first, it would be a competition car, but to put it on the track in NASCAR – traditional U.S. racing category – the Chrysler had to produce 1,920 copies of Superbird to market. NASCAR cars only accepts commercial 
Trivia – In 2006, the Superbird won the silver screen as The King, a character from the movie Cars champion. Moreover, the Superbird was actually a hoot that was making noise Typical Roadrunner.


Country of origin – Germany 
Production period – from 1946 to the beginning of the 1970s 
Why is bizarre – the “car deck” of Volkswagen never hit the street, since it was made to work in factories. The model, built on VW Beetle chassis, a truck was reversed, with the cabin and cargo behind the front 
Trivia – In 1947, the Dutch importer Ben Pon visited the VW plant in Wolfsburg and scribbled a Plattenwagen with the driver moved to the front of the vehicle and body covering banks and the platform – there arose the van.


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