Guaranteed UK Loans With Quick Quid

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However, there are places like Quick Quid UK that offer guaranteed loans. So no matter what type of situation you’re currently in they can help get you back on your feet. Just remember there are several things to consider before filling out the application.

Finance Charges

Each time a loan is taken out from Quick Quid UK there will be finance charges added. This is a standard procedure from any payday loan. Over time this amount can be reduced based on your ability to pay back each pound. We recommend reading over their FAQ in order to get a better understanding on how their three tier system works.

When do you receive the funds

When you visit Quick Quid UK they have an area on the site that explains you will get the payday loan within the hour. According to the site it usually only takes about thirty minutes for the application process to take place. However, if you are doing the back work in the wee hours of the morning then they won’t be available until the business opens the following day.

Loan Requirements

It’s very important to understand the requirements before you start filling out an application. Quick Quid UK only requires that you are at least eighteen years of age; you receive regular paycheques, a resident in the UK, and have a bank account that allows direct deductions. So even though the loans are guaranteed these still have to be adhered to if you want a payday loan. Just take a look at their loan funding schedule to get a better idea.

Saving more money on Finance Charges

There is also a way you can save additional funds on finance charges. There are links at the bottom of the page and one of them reads; “Why QuickQuid Payday Loans?” Click on this link and you will see at the top of the page there will be a promotional code. This represents a coupon for 50% off the initial finance charge.

Customer Service

Another area we recommend covering is the customer service. Most people who use Quick Quid UK have plenty of questions before they start the application process. Speaking with a representative will give you an inside look on how well they treat their customers. It also allows you to see whether or not the people you are speaking know how the loan process works.

All we ask is that you consider each one of these areas when utilising a payday loan company. Finding a reputable company can be a difficult task on your own, but those who have used Quick Quid UK believes they are the best option for Britons.


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