Tuesday, December 12

When And Where to Use Parameter Fields

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Using parameter fields is usually a three-step process.

1. Create the parameter field.

2. Use that parameter field somewhere on a report.

3. Answer the prompt when running the report.

Parameter fields are often used in selection criteria to affect what data the re­port collects at the time it runs. They can also be used directly in your report, such as in the text object that contains the report title. Parameter fields can also be used in formulas on a report, and they can be used in sub reports. ‘

Parameter fields can be created using all of the standard data types: Boolean, currency, date, date/time, time, number, and string. When answering a prompt produced by a parameter field, the user must enter a value in the correct for­mat for the field type. Providing pick lists helps users by giving them a set of choices, as well as examples, of the correct format for the value they supply.

Creating a Parameter Field

Creating a parameter field is the first step regardless of how you plan to use it-The first part of this next section covers the steps to create a parameter field-I he following sections then describe how to use the parameter field in different places on a report. To create a parameter you must have a report open. It does not matter if you have the Design tab or Preview tab open, or how much of the report you’ve already designed. To start creating a parameter field:

• 1. Open die Field Explorer by selecting Insert, Parameter field from the main menu.

2. Select the Parameter Fields option in die Field Explorer, and earner double-click or select the new button. This opens the Create Param­eter Field dialog box.


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