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Customize Style tab would be helpful in making this cross-tab a . bit easier to read. To format the cross-tab after it is on your report, right-click the cross-tab in the upper-left corner in either the Design or Preview tabs. From the shortcut menu, choose Format Cross-Tab. This opens the “Format Cross-Tab dialog box, where you can make changes to the data in the cross­tab or the formatting.

To get rid of zeros in the cross-tab cells, write a conditional formula for” the suppress option for the field. To do this, right-click the summarized field and then, choose Format Field from the shortcut menu. On the Common tab, select the Conditional Formula button across from the Suppress check box. Write the following formula:

CurrentFleldValue – D ”                                                   

If the value of the field equals zero, it will not print. This makes the cross-tab a bit easier to read.

From the shortcut menu for the cross-tab, you have several” more options:

•   Add a chart or map based on the cross-tab data.

•   Format Cross-Tab. This opens the Format Cross-Tab dialog box, where you can change the fields in the cross-tab or change formatting options on the Style or Customize tabs.

•   Change Border1. You are able to format the cross-tab border with thesame options available in the Border tab of the Format Editor.

Pivot Cross-Tab. If the cross-tab does not fit well on the page, pivot­ing it will switch the rows and columns.

•   Move Backward or Forward. If you have one object on top of an­other (overlapping), you can designate which one is in front and which is in back.

•   Object Sire and Position. This option allows you to manually set the exact size and position of the cross-tab object on the report.


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