Expression Crew-Marionette Word Challenge

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Perhaps I am among those who have heard too late of this marvel of human bodies movements perfectly synchronised with the sound track of the movie Amelie.  For the first time in my life I have been able to listen to music with my eyes, yes, you saw right, it is not a typo.  Every single note is rendered by a  ballet or break dance movement through the elaborated choreography of this expression crew (what an inspired name) wearing a mask, especially as not to divide the attention to the individual from the collective efforts.  I even covered my ears and tried to watch it this way.  It is the first time that I can understand the claims made by others that indeed, music can be described to deaf people. I thank Allah for both my hearing, sight and body integrity, to this Korean team that took performance to excellence level  for allowing me such moving experience and for making me realise once more our blessings from Allah in mind, body That’s why it’s a pity, with such blessings to allow a handful of people to turn us into the marionettes of a new worldly order (speaking of theme) Bravo Expression Crew!

Here is the link to watch the music for yourself.


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